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The Beautiful Oblivion

Still Fighting Since 1988

23 January 1988

I am Extraordinary, if You'd Ever Get to Know Me
I am Extraordinary, I am Just Your Ordinary
Average Every Day Sane Psycho

i am... ♦ trickster online ♣ obsessions ♥ my body and soul ♠ don't stop the music
*Formally farfallakiyah (2006-2008)
*Also formally hatedangelwings (2008-2011)
*Ashley is a given name, Shini is self-given
*Thinking, Dreaming and Playing in Boxes since 1988
*97% Friend Locked
*Obsesses and obsesses HARD
*Lives with Mommy and a Sister
*Slowly Becoming What Fate Throws At
*Aquarius is in the Sun, Taurus is the Rising, Aries is in the Moon, Venus flirted with Pisces and Aries hunted with Sagittarius
*Firmly Believes in the Western Zodiac
Trickster Online;Fantasia Server
Kanani - Wind/Water/Light lv2xx Witch
Chartoinette - Pure AP lv1xx Champion
HeavensQueen - Pure DA lv1xx Thief Master
Shihong - Pure AC Inventor
Jacquelynne - Fire/Electric/Dark lv1xx Witch
I3reakd0wn - Pure HV lv 1xx Gambler
** The Musou series
** Pokemon
** Batman
** X-Men
** Pullips
** Art
** Music
** Final Fantasy
** Majority of Fighting Games
** Lady GaGa
!! Emotional
!! Unusual view of the world
!! Avoidant
!! Way with Words
!! Passive Aggressive
!! Occasionally depressed
!! Allergic to sawdust
!! Anti-religion
!! Anti-control
!! Struggles with IRL communication
+ Sevendust
+ Lady Gaga

Best to look at my last.fm to see who I like...

sakuraharrows's Profile Page

"I'll make you love me"