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Today, on July 15th 2009, at 12:30 p.m. Central Daylight Savings Time, my sister called me at that time to inform me that my own father, Asa Walters, passed away in his sleep earlier this morning. He is 42.

..... I don't know what to think right now...
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BlogCrews!! Now featuring the Dynasty Warriors Character BlogCrew!!

The Introduction

After being saddened by the lack of blogcrews that are active, I had a chat with the lovely fightingoutside and I decided to open a series of blogcrews! In this entry, this is where all the blogcrews that I run will be. =D Keep on a lookout for more!

The Dynasty Warriors/Shin Sangoku Musou Character BlogCrew

  1. _ One character claim per person.

  2. _ It is first come; first serve. Do not ask for someone already claimed.

  3. _ You may display your code somewhere in your journal or userinfo.

  4. _ You don't have to be on my flist to join.

  5. _ Characters from all the Dynasty Warriors series accepted.


tehhoboking _x_ Sima Yi
fightingoutside _x_ Zhang He


sakurahskies _x_ Da Qiao


none yet

Later Han

none yet

I'm working on codes now. D; Feel free to start claimin'!
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This is where I post my more intimate thoughts, musings, fangirling, etc.
I prefer that I know you first before you friend me here.
I support my right to rant and bitch in my journal. If you don't like it, feel free to either ignore it or unfriend me.
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